Friday, January 24, 2014

In the Moment

Check out my first guest blog post:

In the Moment - Me Writing for

Fun to be connecting with other bloggers.  When I started this blog, I didn't realize myriads of  Mommy Bloggers toil in cyberspace.  Often isolated from the adult world with just a two foot tall babbling crazy person as a source for stimulation, I think us "stay-at-home moms" (by the way, I hate that term, but more on that another time) crave a creative outlet.  An outlet where we can at least pretend we're talking to other adults.

One of my favorite parts of writing is the solitude.  I used to love going into the office, brewing a cup of tea, then warming my hands with the cup as I settled in for a few moments of quiet before the hubbub of the day began.  Or, at the end of the day when the lights were dim, I cherished the time to just be alone at my desk and actually check something off my to do list.

Pre-kiddos, I was the operations manager of a manufacturing facility.  So there was always hubbub.  The hubbub is what drew me to manufacturing.  Always a fire to fight, the work day flew by.  Of course, this was BS (Before Sark&Sasha), before my personal life revolved around fighting fires.

I would never trade those days of chasing toddlers for a quiet office, well maybe..., oh no of course I wouldn't:)  But now that the kiddos go to this wonderful thing called "school" most days, I do cherish the time I have to write.  Sitting down to my desk in perfect quiet, Wolfy cat asleep on the couch, no one on my lap, no one asking me to "watch this", PURE BLISS.

Thank you, Denise, for the opportunity to blog together.

Screenwriting Update:  I have finished my first draft of my first screenplay.  Yeah!!  It's a Coming of Age Dramedy.  Now for revisions, I'm quickly learning about how much I don't know:(  Still enjoying the process though:)  I'm learning that my engineering brain delights in streamlining: cut, cut, cut.

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