Meet $a$ha

Sasha is my mini fashionista.  She has more natural style and flare than I could dream of.  It's not like I'm setting the bar very high, but I'm just saying.  I guess some genetic traits skip a generation.  I look forward to stealing clothes from her closet someday.

Sasha has Grandpa Haig's (Greg's dad) whirling dervish energy.  She runs hot and rarely needs a jacket.  Most days she exhausts me with her endless curiosity and boundary testing.  But her beaming smile rejuvenates my spirit.

At the moment, Sasha is obsessed with gymnastics.  Where there's a will, there is a way with this girl.  I'm amazed at what gymnastics she has taught herself through countless hours studying YouTube footage on the subject.

Another one of Sasha's passions is cake decorating which ties in nicely to her sweet tooth.  I haven't figured out a place to hide the candy that she can't find.  She is a little sneaky.  We're working on that one:)  DC Cupcakes and Cake Boss are her favorite TV shows and cake decorating is another subject she studies on YouTube.

When music plays, Sasha can't help but move and she actually looks good doing it.  Another trait she did not inherit from me.

Sasha relishes in bossing around her brother.  She takes pride in using her power to corral Wolfy cat off the kitchen counter any chance she can get.  Sasha is pint sized, but she packs a punch.

Here are a couple of my favorite Sasha videos, so you can get a taste of her personality:

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