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I am the CEG (Chief Executive Geek) for our family.  I've always loved gadgets and, lucky for me, the tech world has finally caught up to my dreams of what you can do with a pocket sized brick of metal and plastic.  

As an eternal "early adopter" of tech genius, my twenties were fraught with purchases of the "wish it were an iPhone" gadget.  An entire bin labelled "Seldom Used Electronics" collects dust in our basement.  Greg abhors that bin.  What can I do?  You can't fight your genetics.

I've found a lot of my mom friends are not tech savvy.  I would go as far as saying they may even be diagnosed as "Technophobes".  The point of technology is to make life easier.  So, on this page, I will share tech gadgets that simplify my life in hopes that if you are trying to overcome your fear of tech, you may find something here helpful.

Know Your Stuff
You know how you're supposed to catalog your stuff for insurance purposes?  You know, number 246 on your to do list?  It's right after scrub the grout in the kid's shower.  Well, the grout scrubbing may be higher up on your list, but I guess that reveals my priorities about cleaning:)  

Despite the fact that this task may not move up your list until a  tornado is rounding the corner of your block and you're frantically attempting to wrangle the kids and the cat to the basement, this app has motivated me to at least contemplate cataloguing my stuff.

I discovered this little jewel when my client asked me to catalog her stuff.  Click the link, Know Your, sign up on the website, and then download the partner app for your iPhone.  Then you just touch the "Add Item" button, take a photo, and enter any relevant info about the item.  So simple!  It only took me about an hour or so to enter all of my client's furniture in her living room, dining room, master bedroom, and office.

And, of course, it is all backed up in the elusive cloud.  So disaster strikes and it doesn't matter if your computer and iPhone go down in flames.  What did we do before the cloud?  The best thing is, it is all FREE!

And if that is still too hard, you could just hire me to do it for you.

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