Meet Sark

Sark is my Sage, wise beyond his years and full of imagination.  Sark's unique observations on life always put things in perspective.

Sark enjoys hanging with adults about as much or maybe more so than hanging with the kiddos.  To quote Sark, "Adults have more interesting conversations."  His propensity for hanging with the adults has been nicknamed, "sarking".  To use in a sentence: The child was sarking nearby as the adults gossiped in a circle.

Sark says he is going to write a tell all book on what parents are really like.  I'm worried, very worried.  It's good I've been blogging about him, I've got a head start... or maybe, this was a mistake...

Sark is passionate about performing.  He was bit by the bug when he decided to participate in the elementary school talent show in first grade.  He convinced Sasha to do it with him, although she wasn't in kindergarten yet.  Sasha was game, anything for her big bro, plus Sasha has always thought of herself as the same age as Sark.  I was game, but fearful of what might occur the night of the show.  I was imagining tears flowing, running from the stage in embarrassment...

Check out their performance: (please excuse my shaky filming, time for a tripod)

After the show I'm talking to Sark about the performance.

Sark, I've seen you hoop plenty of times, but never quite like that.

The crowd made me feel like I could do it better.

In love with the rush of performing, and a head full of imaginary characters (literally, he walks around the house talking to imaginary characters all of the time), Sark started taking acting lessons.  Which in turn, ended up being the impetus to my taking a screenwriting class I saw advertised at the acting school, hence me writing, hence this blog... but I digress.

Due to creative differences (Sasha thought Sark shouldn't hula hoop.  I think she decided he was hogging the spotlight.)  the brother sister duo decided to part ways for this year's talent show.  Initially I was sad to see them split up, but in the end, it was easier not to be in the middle of their squabbles about the intricacies of their performance.  Here is Sark's performance.  I don't think he was so sad to have the stage to himself.

The elementary school 3rd and 4th graders putting on 101 Dalmatians in the Spring of 2014.  Sark was dying to be cast in the show.  He tried out before the holidays and made it along with a bunch of his friends.

A few years back, Sark surprised me with a new interest.  As I sifted through the daily mass of papers from school, I tossed a colorful flier to the recycle pile.

What's that?

I reply back to my son who I've endlessly tried to get interested in a sport with no luck: soccer - ended in tears, tennis - too boring, etc, etc.

Oh, nothing you'd be interested in.  It's a flier for a kid's triathlon.

I want to do that.

Do you know what a triathlon is?

Yeah, they gave us a presentation at school.  You swim, bike, and run.  It sounds really fun.  I want to do that.

You know if you do that, you'll have to swim, bike, and run.

Of course, Mommy.

Well, I know you like to swim, but you don't like to bike or run.

I really want to do it, Mommy.

Proved me wrong.  He trained, he finished it, and we all enjoyed cheering him on with proud mama tears in my eyes.  After 2 years of participation in the triathlon, Sark now loves biking, maybe still not too thrilled about running.  He surprised us again this passed fall when he tried soccer and we found out he's a super aggressive and effective goalie.  He's pretty good on the field as well.


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