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Last fall, Sark shot a short film called, "Harold". This was his first lead role in a film.  He played Oliver, Harold's grandson. The film is about Harold when he finds out he has Alzheimer's and how his relationship with his grandson helps put things in perspective for him. Check out the trailer for the film HERE.

The odd coincidence about this film is that my grandfather had Alzheimer's and his name was Harold.

Sark was so excited to attend the screening of the film. He says, "I'm going to use my homework pass tonight. I don't want to stress, I just want to enjoy the night and soak it all in." Here he is, soaking it in...

Sark and Sasha enjoyed perusing the artwork at Watkins. Sasha says, "I don't think they should be hanging pictures of people showing their private parts on the walls."

Sark Engrossed in the Artwork

On the way home, Sark says, "There were a lot of awards for the films. I thought they would spread them out and each film would get one, but instead I think they were trying to teach the lesson, 'It's a hard knock life for YOU'".

Overall, a fun night and another cool experience acting has afforded our family:)

Here are some photos of Sark on set.

With Roger Eldridge (Harold)

Doing ADR - Recording the Dialogue Again for Better Sound

Here are some photos of Sark shooting a Direct Auto print ad.  After the shoot, Sark says, "My fake family is really nice.  I enjoyed being their son for the day."

Sark filmed his first movie with a speaking part, My Many Sons.  It is scheduled to be released in 2015.  Sark loved every moment of the experience.  

Sark Waiting to Film with Other Boys in Scene

We've been reading this book about how the Wimpy Kid Diary books were made into a movie.  It talks all about casting, set design, filming tricks, etc.  In one part, they talk about how the actors on a film have trailers and their trailer size depends on the size of their role.  

I think when Sark auditioned for My Many Sons, he figured his lines for the audition were just some of his lines.  Once he got the role and it dawned on him that those were ALL of his lines, he says, "I think my trailer is going to be really, really small.":)

I told him I didn't think there would be a trailer, so he thought it was really cool that he got to hang out in a trailer to change.  I guess it's how kids love a hotel room, any hotel room.  Below is a photo of Sark ecstatic about being in the trailer. 

Sark Ecstatic About the Trailer on the Set of My Many Sons

More fun Sark news.  Sark acted in a music video for TobyMac's Grammy nominated song "Speak Life".  The video was released recently.  It's an emotionally powerful song/video with a great message.  I feel grateful Sark was able to be a part of bringing this song to life visually.  Feel free to pass it on, it's a message worth spreading.

Check this out!  Sark's first commercial.  We were watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  It was 8PM, so we put the kiddos to bed.  Greg and I start watching a movie.  About 30 minutes later, my phone starts lighting up with texts, "Was that Sark we just saw on TV?"  My faithful loyalty to Tivo finally paid off.  Bebeep, bebeep, we fast forward until BOOM, there's my little man.  We woke the kiddos up to show them.  Grumpy Sasha reluctantly climbed in bed with us to watch her big bro on TV.  Sark was grinning ear to ear.    The crazy thing is, our friend, Dr. Deanna Bell happens to be in the commercial as well.  Fun night.

Sark is popping up everywhere these days.  Someone at school told Sark they saw him on a billboard.  Where?  We were excited to see Sark gigantic.  Then I went to dinner with some mom friends and one of them said they saw the billboard on Charlotte Ave.  So after school we checked it out.  Driving on the new connector from West End to Charlotte, as we crested the bridge there was Sark grinning down on us:)

Then our friend was visiting the doctor and ran into Sark in the lobby.

It's been fun seeing Sark around town.

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