Meet Greg

Greg's more sensitive about his age, so I'll let you guess.  I'm sure if you were dying to know, you could just Google his name and find out anyway.

Greg puts the energy and excitement into our lives.  As Sark once said, "Daddy's fun, but he doesn't care."  Like a lot of dads, Greg doesn't like to get bogged down by unnecessary details like sunscreen, combing hair, jackets, and such silly things moms tend to worry about.

Fixing Poop Line
Greg has many varied interests, but most of all, he just likes to be doing things, something, anything, energy, energy, energy.

I have to say, you've probably rarely met a person with as much energy as Greg.  I often have trouble keeping up.  Sasha has definitely inherited this energy.  You can probably just tell by her mischievous grin and twinkling eyes.  You know, it will be great when she's an adult, if I survive that long...

Dealing with More Poop
I am lucky to have such an awesome husband and father to the kiddos.  Since no one else in their right mind would probably put up with us, it's lucky we found each other.

We met as fellow mechanical engineering dorks in college.  Our dorkiness has continued into adulthood with our obsession of DIY projects as we have been renovating our house since we bought it in 2000.  13 years and I'm going to go out on a  limb here and predict 2014 will be the year we finish our house.

I'm the master designer/architect and Greg is the MacGyver of DIY.  Once he's done telling me all the reasons my designs won't work, he always seems to figure out how to make my plans come to life.  I do get my hands dirty, but I'm definitely the apprentice to the master.  Together we make a good team.  You know, I just like to push him, everyone needs a challenge, right?
Got to Train 'em Young

We both grew up with a tremendous amount of freedom, me roaming the neighborhood after school, Greg exploring the woods behind his childhood home.  We wanted our kiddos to have a place where they could be free and explore as they grew up.   So as if we didn't have enough renovations to do around our house, in 2008 we bought 70 acres of land 25 minutes outside of Nashville.  We call it Sunflower Valley.

There is a stream that winds through the valley which is secluded by the mountains bounding the property.  There was an old garage used for car repairs on the property when we bought it.

Since then we've converted the garage into a nice cabin getaway we enjoy sharing with our friends and family.  The cabin is also FOR RENT for getaways.  You know, we gotta fuel our projects.

My brother, Mark, who is an acupuncturist in Asheville, NC wants to move to Nashville, so our latest project is building him a small house out at Sunflower Valley.

You can check out a bunch of our DIY projects at Asadourian DIY.  It's not quite up to date with our latest renovations at our house, but maybe I'll get time to do that soon.  In the meantime, you'll get the picture.

Greg's other obsession is making snow.  Growing up in the Northeast, we were spoiled with snow, not so much in Nashville.  So Greg has taken his fate into his own hands.  He has become quite an expert snowmaker.  The last two years, he has stayed up all night to make a sledding hill for the kiddos out at Sunflower Valley.   This year we were the only ones in Nashville to have a white Christmas.  The kiddos are playing in the snow as I type.

Now do you get my point, endless energy:)

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