Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rainbow Bands - Over My Head...

Sark and Sasha squat on the rug immersed in 1”, multicolored, rubber bands.  I wend my way through the room gathering stray shoes and pajamas.

Do you know how to make a single triple?

That’s so easy.  How about a triple double?

As they strategize, each child weaves a rubber strand, bands strangling their mini fingers.

(clearly impressed)
Ohhh.  You know how to make a triple double?

I notice their finger tips seem to be turning purple.

Oh yeah.  Kate just showed me last night.  With a triple double, you do the same as the single triple, but then you have to do a double over under and then a single under over then a triple under over.  It looks soooo cool!

Oh yeah.  That makes sense.  Do you know how to make a hexafish?

I lean in to examine their progress.  I can't resist...

That looks like a double triple to me.  Are you sure Kate taught you correctly?

Sasha pauses to think.  She re-examines her work.

I think you might be right.

I, of course, have no clue what I'm talking about, but maybe they don't either.

Well, I'm just glad those things are "latex free".


Rainbow bands, an ingenious fad making someone millions.  Why did I waste my time with differential equations?  I should've spent my college years more inventively.  

While the kiddos are at school, I happen upon half a dozen mini bands scattered here and there.  Hmm, how did that one end up by my toothbrush?  Little clues as to Sasha's exploits.  Each colorful loop induces a smile, reminiscent of the fads of my childhood: friendship bracelets, ribbon barrettes, jelly bands, the list goes on...  

The thing I think is so cool about the rainbow band fad is there are so many different ways to make them.  The art is constantly evolving as different kids figure out different patterns and share them with their friends.  Each kid seems to have a specialty that they pass onto their friends.  Kids are mentoring each other right and left.  

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